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Waste heat power plant HEAT2X

Highly efficient conversion of waste heat into electricity, compressed air or cooling!

Waste heat power plant - DeVeTec GmbH

We support you in using your waste heat efficiently!

Due to the use of primary energies, the stagnation both in the expansion of renewable energies and in the expansion of possibilities for the use of process heat in industry, CO2 emissions continue to rise and the climate targets set will not be achieved.

Constantly rising energy costs, legal requirements for energy conservation, and dependence on energy and raw material imports pose major challenges. These can only be overcome with the help of new forms of energy generation - first and foremost through renewable energies and increased energy efficiency.

Because every kilowatt hour not consumed represents the most economical and at the same time the most ecological way of dealing with energy, we, DeVeTec GmbH, have developed a heat recovery system for highly efficient waste heat utilisation. Within this recovery system, we convert the waste heat from your production processes into electricity, compressed air or cold as well as useful heat/cold (Heat2X).

The process we use, known as the Organic Rankine Cycle, was named after the Scottish physicist and engineer William Rankine (1820-1872), who is considered a co-founder of thermodynamics.

The actual cycle process always runs according to the same conditions:

Cycle process for effective conversion of heat into drive energy using the DeVeTec piston expander

The heart of this circulation process is the DeVeTec piston expander. It was developed specifically for the effective conversion of heat into drive energy and has already proven its high reliability and efficiency during several long-term load applications.

Our piston expander transforms the classic steam engine into a highly flexible, powerful, efficient and reliable working machine.

From your waste heat, we produce electricity, compressed air or refrigeration and also useful heat

Environmentally friendly and non-hazardous ethanol is used as the working medium instead of the refrigerants normally used in ORC systems.  The use of ethanol results in another significant advantage:

The useful heat that the waste heat power plant can provide in the process of condensing the ethanol vapour has a very high temperature level, 90°C in the standard version.

Thus, this useful heat can be used for: 

  • Building heating
  • Preheating processes, e.g. combustion air preheating
  • Drying processes
  • Sanitary water
  • Feeding into local, district heating supply systems
  • Transformation into cooling energy

If you need heat energy with higher temperatures, we will be at your side for this task and will offer a suitable solution!


The advantages of the DeVeTec waste heat power plant

Highly flexible

Icon Hochflexibel grau zweifarbigForms of energy that can be generated:
Electricity, compressed air or compression refrigeration as well as useful heat, cold

Waste heat source:
strongly fluctuating exhaust gas, exhaust air, thermal oil, steam flows

Working range:
from 30 to 100 % of the nominal load possible

Your savings potential with our waste heat power plant

The production of electricity, compressed air or compression refrigeration from waste heat can reduce the amount of electricity purchased from the transmission grid and thus the CO2 emissions associated with the production of that electricity. By using the useful heat provided by the waste heat power plant, the use of fossil fuels and the CO2 generated during combustion can be avoided.

The highly efficient use of waste heat in the DeVeTec waste heat power plant leads to a significant improvement in the environmental compatibility of production processes and can prevent up to 4,000 t of CO2 emissions, depending on how it is used.

Your savings potential with our waste heat power plant: Reduce CO2, heat and electricity

We produce from your waste heat

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