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We grow with our tasks

About us - DeVeTec GmbH

From technology developer and service provider for complex engineering services to manufacturer of high-tech products

The motivation of our employees is to help mitigate climate change while providing an economic benefit to the user of our technologies.

The aim of our entrepreneurial activity is to ensure and maintain high quality and reliability of our products. This development is also reflected in our staff structure: an interdisciplinary team of engineers and technicians, business people, mechanics and fitters. In addition, DeVeTec has an established network of experts from industry and science, which our team can draw on for special questions. Cooperation with colleges and universities leads to continuous improvement of our products.

We are a leading developer and producer of innovative waste heat power plants.

Our history

In the beginning of our corporate activities, the focus was on the development of energy efficiency technologies. The aim was to develop solutions with renowned companies in the automotive industry to make the combustion engines of cars, trucks and buses more efficient by utilising exhaust gas heat. The results of this work were different designs of working machines, including the piston expander of our present waste heat power plants, as well as the outstandingly suitable working medium ethanol.

The next significant stage in the company’s history is characterised by the further development of mobile systems into stationary waste heat recovery systems. Several electricity-producing waste heat power plants were built to demonstrate performance and reliability.

To further improve both efficiency and customer acceptance, we introduced waste heat power plants producing compressed air and compression refrigeration to the market. With this Heat2X solution, waste heat can be used to generate exactly the form of energy needed at the site.

Our claims

We stand for innovative environmental protection technology that ensures highly efficient and reliable economic and ecological benefits for our customers.

We want to enable our customers to master current and future requirements for improving the environmental compatibility of energy-intensive production processes and thus contribute to mitigating climate change.

We pay attention to the quality of our products and services, understand innovation and the motivation of our employees as a success factor and want to convince as a team.