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aluminum recycling company

Power and district heating production at aluminum recycler in Gelsenkirchen

Reference aluminum recycling company - DeVeTec GmbH

Reference aluminum recycling company

Production of electricity and district heating from waste heat at aluminum recycling company in Gelsenkirchen

In Gelsenkirchen, the aluminum recycling company uses the flexibility and efficiency of DeVeTec waste heat power plants to cover its own electricity requirements and to produce district heating.

Aluminum recycling produces waste gases with temperatures of up to 1,000 °C. Before using DeVeTec technology, these waste gases were cooled at great expense to protect the filter systems, and the waste gas energy was lost. Now, DeVeTec's two waste heat power plants take over the exhaust gas cooling and convert the exhaust gas energy into electricity and useful heat. The useful heat is conditioned in such a way that it can be fed into the flow of a district heating supply all year round:

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