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Maintenance & Service

Value retention and reliable operation during the entire operating life

Maintenance & Service - DeVeTec GmbH

We provide holistic support for the maintenance of your waste heat power plant!

Regular maintenance and inspection can avoid costly repairs and shutdowns of the waste heat power plants. Our range of services includes both service and maintenance of all system components of our waste heat power plants.

Remote monitoring - early detection for risk reduction 

All our waste heat power plants are equipped with the possibility of remote monitoring. Thus, at your request, the operating data and times can be recorded and evaluated from the DeVeTec control room. This enables timely detection and preparation for maintenance and service calls. Errors can also be noticed quickly and appropriate troubleshooting measures can be initiated.


COMPRESSED AIR PRODUCTION FROM WASTE HEATDiagram of the volume of compressed air produced as a function of temperature

The benefits of our maintenance and service packages:

  • Maintenance and service from a single source
  • High operational safety
  • Avoidance of downtime through timely implementation of necessary maintenance measures
  • Calculable maintenance costs
  • Maximum availability of the systems

Overview of DeVeTec maintenance and service packages around the waste heat power plant


Waste heat power plant