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On these achievements we build our success!

Engineering - DeVeTec GmbH

Our engineering team will ensure that the operation of your waste heat power plant has a positive impact on your site.

The goals of our work for you are:

  • The waste heat power plant does not influence the operation of the waste heat source
  • The waste heat power plant does not cause any additional operating expenses
  • The waste heat power plant is integrated into the site in such a way that operational processes run undisturbed
  • Waste heat is converted into the form of energy that makes the most sense for your site: Electricity, compressed air or cold. Always in the quality you need!
  • The useful heat of the waste waste heat power plant must be integrated as far as possible

Customised according to your requirements

Analysis of your requirements and prerequisites

Together with you, we analyse your individual requirements and evaluate the local and technical conditions.

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