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Highly efficient and economically lucrative - turn your waste heat into electricity and useful heat!

Electricity - DeVeTec GmbH

Our electricity-producing heating power station

The DeVeTec heating power stations, equipped with a product family of ORC piston expanders (OrganicRankineCycle), can use industrial waste heat (temperature > 250°C, heat > 600 kW) in a highly efficient and economically lucrative way to produce electricity and useful heat.

Three sizes are available for the production of electricity. A combination of several heating power stations, with different uses if desired, is also possible for larger quantities of heat:
Übersicht Werte und Potenziale unseres stromproduzierenden Abwärmekraftwerks


Every DeVeTec waste heating power station reduces your CO2 emissions:

  • The own electricity production reduces the amount of electricity purchased from the transmission grid. The CO2 emissions associated with electricity production can thus be avoided.

  • The use of the useful heat from your waste heating power station leads to a reduction in the purchase of fossil fuels, such as natural gas or fuel oil, and thus to a reduction in the emissions generated during combustion.
    Einsparpotenziale der CO2-Emissionen mittels unseres stromproduzierenden Abwärmekraftwerks


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