Research projects

ZIM project

forschung projekt zim

DeVeTec is a network partner in the network project "Primary control-capable virtual power station (including the use of ORC technology based on piston engines)". The project is supported by the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as part of the central innovation programme for medium-sized businesses (ZIM).

The aim of the network project is to connect together various small systems generating electricity from industrial waste heat, so that they create a primary control-capable virtual power station which can make additional electricity available within seconds when required. This is intended not just to create additional electricity generating capacities, but also to make a contribution to network stability.

Project Seda

forschung projekt seda

DeVeTec is a research partner in the joint project supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research Investigation of multifunctional road construction materials and composite materials for using solar energy and improving durability (SEDA) (2015-2017).

This research project is intended to investigate the potential of road surfacing materials as an energy source. For this, the focus of the project is both on the electricity conversion potential of the thermal energy stored in the road surface as thermal energy, as well as an increased durability of the road structure through conducting the heat away.