Waste heat power plant

Wase heat power plantFrom the engine to the turnkey system - perfectly machting concepts

After an intensive development and test period working with industrial application partners for over five years, the DeVeTec waste heat power plants are now available as part of a product family with engines in three power classes, which can be operated at six different levels. This means that unused waste heat flows between 800 kW and 2 MW can be very efficiently converted to electricity at a temperature level of more than 250 °C.

DeVeTec supplies the waste heat power plants as mobile container units consisting of the expander/generator unit, the pump unit, and the control unit. In this way, it is possible to retrofit them very simply to existing works. If required, DeVeTec can also implement the entire heat transfer technology.

The systems run completely automatically and are monitored remotely. The purpose-developed Noise & Vibration Guard monitors signs of wear, protects the engine from potential damage and, as part of preventive maintenance, minimises the risk of malfunctions.

Data for the waste heat power plant:

Working medium

Bio-ethanol (>99%)

Work machine

V8/V12/V16- piston engine

Plant operation

Completely automatic and monitored remotely

Control system (PLC)

Siemens S7 Failsafe (TIA)

Engine monitoring

DeVeTec Noise & Vibration Guard

Noise emissions

65db(a), distance 1m


• EC Machinery Directive 


• Pressure Equipment Directive (AD 2000)


• Low Voltage Directive and EMC


• No Ex-zones


• Network protection