Further possibilities for using waste heat

Every DeVeTec waste heat power plant is an individual solution which is matched very precisely to the needs and technical circumstances of our customers.

Our engineers are therefore continuously presented with new challenges which have to be solved, because waste heat can be used as a power source for a wide range of work machines. We are today therefore in a position not only to generate electricity from waste heat, but also compressed air and cold as a power source for e.g.:

  • Refrigerant compressors
  • Air compressors
  • For air productions
  • Pumps
  • ... For your application!

What are the benefits of Heat to X?

  • Better return, because the waste heat is converted directly to a source of power, with only very slight conversion losses
  • The system is independent of legal regulations which change continually in the Renewable Energy Act and it nevertheless saves electricity! 

Would you like to learn more about it? Please contact us!

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