ORC vapour expansion engineOur unique ORC vapour expansion engine

The centrepiece of a DeVeTec waste heat power plant is the piston-driven vapour expansion engine (piston expander), which was developed by DeVeTec ourselves, and is manufactured in house.

Piston-driven expansion engines achieve an exceptionally high pressure difference, resulting in a much steeper enthalpy gradient and consequently much more electricity is generated compared to related technologies. Another considerable advantage of the piston-driven expansion engines lies in its impressive partial load capability.

Depending on the amount of waste heat available, the V8 engine works within a range between 0 and 130 kW, theV12 engine between 0 and 200 kW, or the V16 engine between 0 and 270 kW with almost constant efficiency. If other lower temperature heat sources are to be exploited, then the same engine can be operated with other organic fluids without requiring any modifications.

Technical details:

Engine       Unit of measure
      V8       V12       V16
Cubic capacity   Litre   18,9   28,3   37,8
Thermal capacity (input)   kW   932 (± 8%)   1398 (± 8%)   1804 (± 8%)
Vibration monitor       NVG   NVG   NVG
Engine oil capacity   Litre   55   60   65
Operating medium       Ethanol   Ethanol   Ethanol


Engine       Unit of measure       V8       V12       V16
Length   mm   1137   1475   1887
Width   mm        1310                  1310                   1310
Height   mm   1415   1415   1415
Weight of frame   kg   195   220   265
Weight of engine   kg   1990   2980   3970